LOVE to be ME Day #38

So, after another pause in the challenge, I’m ready to finish this thing! After staring at a blank page for way too long, I received some advice… “It’s best not to force it.” I took that advice, and have spent several days in self-reflection. I had gone back and forth on whether or not to include this next love, but have finally decided that it’s still a part of who I am, so I should include it.

Part of the challenge has been to get me to learn ways of embracing the things about myself that I cannot change. My love for today isn’t something that I’ve always had, it’s a change I made to myself well over a decade ago. When I was 18, I got my tongue and eyebrow pierced, and at 19, I got my lip pierced and a tattoo. To this day, I still have no regrets. They are a part of who I am, and most people don’t even notice them.

At one point, I considered taking my piercings out, thinking that maybe I was just getting too old for them, and when I talked to my mom about it, she told me not to! She said that they were just a part of who I was. It’s not like clothing where it goes in and out of style, body art, when carefully considered, is really just an extension of your inner-creativity.

Thanks, Mom, for giving me the courage to be who I am, no matter what age! It has been a long journey to get to a point where I am happy with myself, but you taught me to see myself through others’ eyes, and to never take myself too seriously! You’ve always accepted me for who I am, and I love you and appreciate you for always being courageously yourself!


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Mom, crafter, lover of old.
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