LOVE to be ME Day #39

Through this challenge, there’s been one very large flaw that I’ve tried my hardest to not focus on. My weight. I kept coming back to my body. I would then decide to not include it in this challenge, because it’s not something that I need to accept, it’s something I can change. So, I decided to start doing something about that!

I’ve given up soda, and started counting calories. It has been three weeks, and I’ve lost 15 pounds, so far. While I’m ecstatic about the weight loss, and will continue with it for my health and to be a good example for my children, I’ve also come to realize that if I’m not happy with myself at my current weight, I probably won’t be happy with myself even once I’ve lost the weight. I created this challenge to get myself to a point where I can be happy with myself and love myself where I’m at, right now. It’s not about finding the flaws and loving them or changing them, it’s about not seeing the flaws at all.

We aren’t simply made up of our beauty and our flaws. We are more than that, we are unique, individual, beautifully flawed, perfectly created people. Just as I have decided to not identify myself by my mental illness, I shouldn’t be identifying myself by my weight! I am just me, and when I let go of the pressure to be someone else, everything just falls into place. I become a strong, wholly loved woman! Isn’t that who I want most to be?


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One Response to LOVE to be ME Day #39

  1. Just found your posts on this from last year. I think it is great and wonder where you are now? I started a FB group on this one issue you talk about, the love of your body! It’s public. Come join the inspiration! This is such a HUGE important issue for all females!

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