40 Day Challenge!

Starting today (Wednesday, November 23, 2011) I will be posting one thing I LOVE about myself. I hope to find a way to love myself where I’m at, as I believe that only then can I make the changes necessary to become the person I want to be and live the life I want to live. I need to stop focusing on the things I cannot change and the things that I only want to change for social acceptability. I need to focus on the things that will allow me to become the best me I can be!

Join me in the LOVE to be ME 40 Day Challenge!

In issuing this as a challenge to everyone, I’m hoping that we can all change the way we look at ourselves, once we love ourselves, we will see the true beauty in others and stop tearing each other down!

I’m only 4 days into this challenge, and I’ve realized that in doing this for myself, I’m also teaching my children to love themselves. With how hard it is growing up when the emphasis is always on conformity and beauty, I hope I can prepare my kids for their future by being an example of not being perfect, but loving myself because I am me.

Just as a quick side-note, if you want to join in on this challenge, do it however you want! You can join us on Facebook or Twitter through the links on the right, you can ping back to this blog, you can post as a Facebook status, shout it out to the world or even keep your own, private journal! However you do it, be proud you are doing it! It’s hard, even for people with the most beauty or talent (by societies standards), to always LOVE themselves… my hope is that after 40 days of finding things that I love about ME, it will just be second nature to love myself!

Don’t we all deserve to think the world of ourselves? Aren’t we all amazingly beautiful, unique individuals that are worth no more or no less than anyone else? So why do we treat ourselves so badly? Why do we think we have to be perfect to be as good as the next person?

If you decide to take this challenge, and want to be added to my blogroll, just let me know! I’d be more than happy to! (o:


7 Responses to 40 Day Challenge!

  1. tinerowan says:

    Thank you for linking me here. I think I’ll take the challenge as a form of self-retreat 🙂

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  3. 40 is a wonderful number,and perfect for opening up to this,so glad we florists found you

  4. This is an awesome idea! I’ve been struggling with the aspect of self-love for as long as I can remember. I’m glad I stumbled across your blog!

    • I’m glad you stumbled across my blog, as well! I hope to see you back here, and if you take the challenge, and you want to be added to my blogroll or if there’s anything I can do to encourage you in any way, please, don’t hesitate to ask! I’m learning that it’s a wonderful thing to love yourself! (o:

  5. S. Singh says:

    This is a really creative idea, and I’m sure it’ll help a lot of people feel better about themselves. You’re very inspirational.


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